PVCC Renovation Project

PVCC Renovation Project

Building a New Legacy

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Here’s a Sneak Peek…


While equipping the clubhouse with modern amenities throughout, the renovation project will preserve traditional architectural and design elements that mirror the rich legacy of country clubs throughout the Southeast.

Note that the outdoor dining area will be expanded while retaining the grassy lawn that families have come to love as it allows parents to enjoy a meal while they watch their children play.

New Bar - Name TBD

Bound to be a new favorite gathering spot among members, the new bar will be an ideal place to join friends for cocktail hour, attend a Super Bowl party, or simply kick back and relax with a drink while enjoying fantastic views of the lake!


Increasing the number of windows will create a panoramic view and allow natural light to fill the space. Paired with a coffered ceiling, the ballroom will possess a lighter, airier feel while retaining classical architectural charm–making it ideal for entertaining.

Covered Terrace

The covered terrace will provide a multi-functional, indoor/outdoor space that capitalizes on stunning views of the golf course and grounds.

Current Mixed Four

The expanded mixed four will boast floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open to create a relaxed, indoor-outdoor dining experience the entire family can enjoy. Furthermore, the open floorplan and well-appointed location of the bar will create a central space for watching sporting events, gathering for meals, or enjoying a drink.

Hitting Bays

Rain or shine, the indoor hitting bays and simulator will provide members with the opportunity to practice and hone their golf skills.


The new portico will be raised to 12 feet and extended, creating greater clearance and accessibility. To accentuate the entrance of the Club, a skylight will be included to allow natural light in, while keeping the elements out.

Fitness Center

Also home to the daycare center, the fitness center will feature floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outdoors in and keep this contemporary, multi-functional space feeling bright and airy. Outside, a playground and turf area will flank the building, providing ample space for kids to enjoy supervised playtime and activities.

Men's Locker Room

The updated men’s locker room will feature crisp, white paint paired with dark wood finishes throughout. Amenities will include renovated showers, sauna and a steam room (as depicted in one of the renderings).

Men's Grill

The new men’s grill will combine a traditional aesthetic with contemporary amenities. Boasting a variety of dining spaces, all of which have access to panoramic views of the golf course and numerous flat screens, this space is sure to become a favorite spot for members to watch their favorite sports, socialize, and knock one back.

Understanding the Need

Founded in 1968, Pleasant Valley Country Club has become an integral part of Little Rock’s heritage. Often referred to as “Little Rock’s best kept secret,” PVCC’s 27-hole championship golf course, designed by world renowned architect Joe Finger, is consistently ranked among the top golf courses in Arkansas and the Mid-South.

Nevertheless, while its golf course remains top notch and its membership continues to grow, the unavoidable reality is that PVCC’s clubhouse is a dated, 56-year-old structure with 45,000 square feet in desperate need of repair, restoration, and new vision. The renovation project addresses issues related to the clubhouse and more, in order to optimize the overall club member experience and to ensure the longevity of the Club.

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  • New HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roof.
  • Mixed four and men’s grill will be combined for a more upscale dining room with added bars.
  • Expanded outdoor patio dining.
  • New fitness center on Northeast corner of property along with new baby sitting area, group exercise room, and outdoor play area.
  • Downstairs kitchen will be totally redone and expanded, with all new equipment.
  • Entire exterior of the clubhouse will be painted white.
  • Ballroom will expand to encompass old admin. offices and get a new coffered ceiling.
  • Terrace above the old fitness center will be enclosed and connected to the main ballroom.
  • Old fitness center will become a mixed lounge and bar.
  • New cart paths.
  • Enclosed hitting bays will be added to the practice facility for golf.
  • The upper lounge will become the men’s grill.
  • The tennis complex will receive upgrades, including new lounge furniture. Two court bubbles will be added and two clay courts will be restored.
  • Formal dining room will become a smaller banquet room.
  • Pool grill will move to the old fitness group room and will use old mixed 4 kitchen equipment.
  • The President’s Room will be converted to admin. offices.
  • Receptionist will move to the front foyer.
  • Men’s locker room will be redone with wood lockers and a steam room added.
  • The ladies’ card room will shift to the west to create space for an additional office.
  • The Lakeview Room will remain a banquet room.
  • Board room to remain the same with updated finishes throughout.
  • The main kitchen upstairs will remain the same.
  • Ladies’ locker room will remain the same with updated finishes throughout.
  • Alice Fryer Room to remain the same with updated finishes throughout.
  • The retail portion of the pro shop will remain the same with updated finishes throughout.

Construction Timeline & Dates

Estimated Completion Date

August 2024*

Overall Duration of Project

July 5, 2023 through August 2024*

*The estimated completion date may change based on factors beyond our control.

Pleasant Valley Country Club Today & Tomorrow

Ultimately, the renovations will succeed in bringing the Club forward in time, making it functional and enjoyable for all members. It’s about community and sharing time together. Fundamentally, PVCC needs to create spaces that are not only newer and more appealing, but also spaces that suit the membership of today and tomorrow. With this renovation project, we’re excited to start building a new legacy with you!